Modular, flexible, fast and affordable


The right people, the right resources and the right machines in the right place.


From design and prototyping to lifecycle management: we take care of it. We maintain complete control over the underlying chains, including all technical and logistical support. In every stage we know the leading techniques, theories and methods. We are efficient, careful, quick and sharp on the price.



Active in diverse markets.


This is how Confed works – for you too



We like to keep things clear; in our business ánd in how we work together.

140053_cf_expert_r_roodSMD & Through-Hole experts

We are experienced in the leading technologies and contribute to the development of new methods.

140053_cf_krachtig2_r_roodPowerfull competencies

From our personal style of business to our strong international network and highly competent professionals: we strive to achieve the best results.

140053_cf_mensenwerk2_r_roodHuman work

We value our employees, suppliers and customers; therefore we work hard to add value to everyone.

140053_cf_mybetrokken2_r_roodSocially responsible

We think it’s important to contribute to society – close to home and all over the world.

140053_cf_bewezen_succes_r_roodProven successes

Over our years of working with PCBs, cables and complete assemblies we have delivered many great projects.

Confed gives me the chance to show who I am and what I can do.

Tran Nguyen Le | Amersfoort

Confed gives the right support to people with disabilities who are eager to develop themselves.

Erol Batman | Amersfoort

Team leiders listen to the opinions of the production crew and takes these suggestions seriously.

Szabina Bödöková | Komárno, Slowakije