Knowledge of the international market

Our buyers know the international market well. Consequently, you will benefit from attractive prices if you order in time. And by approaching suppliers pro-actively and by smart buying, we can keep lead times short and costs low.


Supervising the production: locally in China

Our local partner in China (a joint venture) will promote your interests. As a result, we can supply large quantities of cables and cable assemblies, in accordance with your exact specifications. In case of any modifications or delivery problems, our designers and engineers are capable of quickly finding alternatives.


Flexible in logistics

We deliver according to your wishes: antistatic packaging or packaged in a clean room environment, in reusable plastic crates (if required), with drop shipments by our courier service… anything is possible. At any desired location, at any time and with the option to use your own shipping documents.


Unique identification and track & trace traceability

We code our products and the packaging of all end products and semi-finished products in accordance with your specifications. They can be tracked and traced, regardless of the production or assembly location.


Stock control for speed, flexibility and costs

We keep critical components in stock to ensure short production and repair times at a stable price. Based on your forecasts, we assemble electronic end configurations which can be delivered on demand.


Full outsourcing reduces costs

If forecasting is difficult, we can handle the entire purchase and stock process for you. At a fixed, competitive rate, with our quality assurance. You know exactly where you stand and do not have to worry about price or delivery risks.


– Knowledge of the international market.
– Supervising the production: locally in China


– Flexible in logistics
– Unique identification
– Track & trace traceability


– Stock control for speed, flexibility and costs