PCB production

Versatile and precise in printed circuit boards (PCBs)

We combine different techniques in-house, such as Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-Hole Technology (THT), so we can support a wide range of complex printed circuit boards.


Standard functional testing

Each series has been functionally tested and we carry out in-circuit tests or flying probe tests on critical components, so our engineers and technicians can detect and correct any problems in time.


Flexible process management for PCB production

We are flexible when it comes to different technologies, batch sizes and preconditions. This results in shorter lead times and lower costs, without compromising our high quality.

Cable manufacturing

Versatile in well-tested cables

We supply wire and cable assemblies in accordance with your specifications, available as stand-alone or in assembled modules or panels. We test all cable assemblies and transformers in order to guarantee their functionality, quality and safety.


Suitable solutions

In our new and completely fitted production facility in Slovakia, cables and wire assemblies can be produced on short term and cost efficient. But these can also be assembled or completed in the Netherlands.


Large volumes: reliable delivery from China

Our people in China are familiar with the market, language and local situation. Consequently, we can supply a wide range of cables and cable-related products with certainty, flexibility and at very competitive prices.


Fully equipped

  • ESD-safe rooms
  • Crimp connections
  • Solder connections
  • Screw connections
  • IDC connectors
  • Cable printing
  • Etching
  • Die-casting
  • Transformers according to specifications


Assembly facility in the Netherlands

We produce project-based, unique and specialist end configuration and assemble all system configurations in a ESD-safe room. To guarantee the quality of our products, we always carry out functional tests, where possible.


Fully traceable assembly

A product code is printed or labelled on all printed circuit boards, cables and cable assemblies, so after assembly each part can traced back to its source (regardless of production location or source).


Repairs are sustainable for environment, product and budget

We have the knowledge and ability to carry out repairs cost-effectively. You will gain up to 50% cost savings, compared to replacements and repairs are less harmful for the environment.


Efficient handling and direct retrofit

Small repair jobs are carried out in the Netherlands. Serial and repetitive repair work is carried out at one of our other locations. We keep revised products in stock for frequent repairs.

Modification & Retrofit

Continuous improvements

We focus on continuous improvements based on strong evaluations with points of improvement and task lists. By working with a single point of contact, it will be easier for you to make choices and communication will be smooth. Our documentation is precise and transparent. So you will not get any unpleasant surprises.

PCB productie

– Versatile and precise in printed circuit boards (PCBs)
– Standard functional testing
– Flexible process management for PCB production


– Versatile in well-tested cables
– Large volumes
– Reliable delivery from China
– Fully equipped


– Assembly facility in the Netherlands
– Fully traceable assembly


– Repairs are sustainable
– Efficient handling
– Direct retrofit
– White label service department

Modificatie en retrofit

– Continuous improvements

We have experience with

0603 – 0402 – QFP – QFN – BGA – Micro-BGA


We support