Every child has the right to dream… and get the chance to make it come true

Every success starts with a dream. For is that is the most normal thing in the world: we dream of innovations that, up until recently seemed unimaginable. However, it is not that obvious to dream of things in science and be able to realise these…


We dedicate ourselves to our future. We do that with each other, and this years we also want to do this for others. By collaborating with JINC, we can help over 40.000 kids on their way to their dreams.

This concerns children who grow up in an environment with socio-economic challenges. JINC develops and organises specific projects to help these children in overcoming their obstacles: language delays, internship places, organising your work and learning how to better communicate, apply for jobs and undertake projects.


We think everyone should have the right to dream.


Here are some examples from internship reports.