Printed circuit board production in the Netherlands

Convinced of the strength of local production and with founders who all had extensive experience in the electronics industry, we started Confed in 2005. The printed circuit boards are made in Amersfoort, in accordance with the latest designs and technologies.

Expansion with our protoshop

Since 2009 we have our own advanced protoshop to serve our customers better with the flexible and efficient development of prototypes.

Production in the Netherlands and Europe

We have established a production location in Komárno, Slovakia to offer our customers high-grade, labour-intensive services at a very competitive price.

Doing business with China, in China 

Since 2010 we have been locally active in China. This enables us to supply volume articles and a wide range of cable-related electronic products.

Guiding new talents and people who are distanced from the job market

In a joint venture with the Inclusief Groep we have developed new opportunities for flexible capacity. In a sheltered workshop in Nunspeet and at a production site in Amersfoort new and experienced talents will get the chance to integrate in the job market.